England already "Can't Say No" to Conor Maynard, and now the talented U.K. singer is making his way across the pond into the U.S. music scene with the rest of the British Pop Invasion (See: One Direction, Cher Lloyd, The Wanted, Olly Murs, Ed Sheeran... the list goes on). You may have heard of him being called the "British Justin Bieber" after the video for the teen's first hit single "Can't Say No" racked up millions of views on YouTube in less than a month. The video - which was releasedin March - already has over 12 million views and counting, and now Conor is making a name for himself stateside with his first U.S. single, "Vegas Girl."

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Be prepared to start hearing Conor's name everywhere -Whether it's "Vegas Girl" being played on the radio or your friends re-tweeting this humorous U.K. star. Get to know Conor Maynard as we find out  a few of his favorite things.

WATCH: Conor Maynard performs on Saturday Night Online Live with Romeo


When I was really young my parents listened to people such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder. As I grew up I went into very R&B kind of taste like Usher, Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, Brandy. Now I listen to people like Drake. Rita Ora is easily one of my new favorite artists.


I have two: One of my favorites is "Marvin's Room"- Drake. When I recorded that I kind of was going through the same situation so, really enjoyed doing that one. "Mother Lover"- Lonely Island, Justin Timberlake, it was just a stupid song that we did. It was for Mother’s day so that was really fun.


One of my favorites, probably one of my first shows I did I was given a booklet that was made by one of my fans and it was properly done. It was amazing and then right at the end I realized it was actually her textiles course work for her school and she got A's on all of it. It was all about me and she got all A's for it so that was really cool; one of the craziest things


Me and my little sister, she's 11, used to sing [a song] from Spongebob Squarepants where Spongebob gets moved to another place and him and Mr. Crabs are singing at each other. I used to be Mr. Crabs and she'd be Spongebob. Maybe it’s called "Without You," I don’t know what it’s called.


Pizza. Domino’s and Pizza Hut. Those two are probably the two junk foods I definitely can’t say no to.


I was in Vancouver because I performed at a Virgin Airlines event, so Richard Branson flew us over first class; that was crazy. And [my seat] turned into a bed. I was like “Can I have my seat in a bed please?” and they went “Yeah. Fold it down, bed.”


I love when sometimes you get those sweets on the pillow. When I got a double bed I have two sweets so I’m like “This is great!”


Words with Friends. Oh my God that game. I always win by like thousands of points because I’ve got a cheat called "Ultimate Free Cheat." You type in whatever you’ve got and you click “find words.” It gives you the most points, where to put them and everything. Me and my brother played each other and we both realized that we had the same app. So we were going crazy. It’s like “‘Encyclopedia,’ I didn’t know you could spell that!”


It’s gotta be New York. I shot my second video in New York and I’ve been here the most times as well so I feel like it’s definitely one of my favorites. To be fair I’m not that guy I don’t really care about sites and stuff like that. Even like in London there’s a lot of amazing things you can see but I’m just not really that person. I prefer just being with my friends and we kind of just chill. So Dunkin’ Donuts is the site spot.


If I look back on past relationships I've been in and stuff, they've all been very different. I feel like for me it’s just if there’s a connection there, whether it’s the same sense of humor, you like the same things. If there’s a connection there then it can grow into something. I don’t feel like I look at someone like “Yes, you’re the one!” 


I’ve gone out with people that have loved my music and people that hate it. My last girlfriend despised my music. It wasn’t her thing but it didn’t matter cause it wasn’t based on “You better love my music or I’m never speaking to you again.” So yeah I would, yeah I suppose I would date a fan.

Photos: Wendy George