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Country sweetheart Jana Kramer is known for her role as Alex Dupre on One Tree Hill, but she is quickly turning heads in the music industry.

From her self-titled debut album released last June, she's had several successful singles - a few of which have been featured on One Tree Hill. Her latest single "I Hope it Rains," just got a brand new music video, and proves that she's here to stay in country music. Not to mention that she's a double threat as a singer and an actress.

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Jana stopped by the iHeartRadio headquarters when she was in New York City where she let us in on the stuff she loves the most. Get to know Jana by discovering some of her Favorite Things below.

Favorite artist of the moment: I like Parmalee. They're a new country band. They have that song, "Carolina." It’s really good.

Favorite Person to follow on Twitter: Jenny Johnson. She’s a writer and she’s HILARIOUS… really funny!

Favorite guilty pleasure song: "Sing For The Moment" by Eminem.

Favorite scary movie: "Strangers."

Favorite Part of being on One Tree HillBeing able to sing. The fact that my character turned into a singer.

Favorite actor: Ryan Gosling. So hot!

Favorite thing to do in your hometown: Hangout with my girlfriends and drink wine. It would be at my girlfriend’s house, Lisa’s house. Just hangout, drink wine and talk about the stupid crap we did in high school.

Red or white wine: Red. I love the bold, spicy.

Favorite TV show: "Sons of Anarchy."

Favorite midnight snack: Queso dip with chips. Chips and queso. I love queso dip!

Favorite chain restaurant to eat at on the road: Chili’s. The queso dip is so good!

Favorite drink of the night: Red wine. Cabernet or Malbec.

Favorite peice of advice you've been given: Everything happens for a reason.

Favorite gift you've received from a fan: Someone bought me an iPod touch and engraved "Believe" which is what I always say, and the year of my album release. I thought that was so sweet. It was my album release party. They gave it to me. It was so cool.

Favorite item no one knows you own: A onsie night gown. Like one of those like with my feet and everything in them, what are those called? The footy pajamas – nobody knows that. Now they do! It’s Betty Boop.

Favorite thing to wear: Flip flops.

Watch "I Hope it Rains" below:

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