Oh yeah, Blake is starting to put his "twist" on these stupid people and I LOVE IT!  Here is the latest as promised.....

Blake Shelton has ramped up his Twitter war with the Westboro Baptist Church over their plans to picket his Kansas City concert on October 3rd.

After delivering a fiery “screw you” tweet yesterday (Wednesday), Blake continued, “Hey @WBCSays… This isn’t about God. It’s about me using this opportunity to make y’all look like the absolute complete [expletive] you are.” He later suggested that his band and crew will be looking to flirt with WBC women at the October 3rd show, adding, “Also @WBCSays… Y’all may want to keep an eye on your women at my show."

His wife Miranda Lambert has also joined the conversation, adding, "It's such a shame when people use God as an excuse to get publicity. And they couldn't be farther from God..."


I'm pretty sure this won't be the last we hear of this.