Look out ticket scalpers -- Eric Church has declared war on you!

When Eric learned that more than 900 tickets to his nearly sold-out September 16th show in Minneapolis were bought by scalpers, he cancelled those tickets and put them back into the system for sale to his fans. He says, “I want my fans to be the ones who buy tickets to my shows, and I want scalpers to back off. I can't stop ticket scalpers completely, but I can definitely make it harder for them."

The Outsiders World Tour gets going on September 11th in Bossier City, Louisiana with Dwight Yoakam as his special guest for all shows.  I really give Eric credit for doing this.  A lot do not go to the trouble.

Eric Church says he won't put up with ticket scalpers.

"I've kinda declared war on them, so going forward, I'm going to do everything we can to make their life pretty hard."