Even though we’re past Thanksgiving, your fridge might still be filled with
ingredients and leftovers from the feast.

It’s time to be smart and pack your fridge properly to help food stay fresher
longer, and I'm gonna help!!!

Here’s a rundown of some mistakes you might be making using your fridge:

  • Storing milk and dairy in the door – I've always done this.  LOVE the milk in the door. BUT..... because temperatures are highest
    in the door, keeping your milk, yogurt, and butter there can shorten their
    "shelf life.” Move them to the shelves.
  • Not keeping meat in the meat drawer – Didn't see this one coming at all.  The meat drawer is designed to
    keep foods colder than the rest of the refrigerator, so be sure to put all your
    raw meat, poultry, and cold cuts in there.
  • Failing to clean the condenser coils – If your doesn’t seem as cold
    as it used to, it could be because you need to clean the coils. The coils –
    which are found in the back of the fridge – should be cleaned with a brush
    several times a year.  Several times a year!!!!???  I have yet to ever do this!
  • Not wrapping foods tightly before freezing them – When you put food
    in the freezer, be sure to get all the air out of the package. If you're using
    storage containers, fill them almost to the top so you'll protect leftovers from
    freezer burn.  This explains why certain items we freeze get freezer burn quick and some don't I guess. (Yahoo Shine)