RADAR Online has uncovered a 2008 interview in which Paul Walker talks about being in a car accident. He told GetFrank.co.nz: “It was pretty bad, I ran into the back of a car about 50 miles an hour. This guy was up from San Diego State, college student visiting his friends in Santa Barbara, on his cell phone, in the far right lane. Then right in front of me another guy on his cell phone talking. I’m on the motorcycle so I slow down and back off, the student that’s in the far right lane is getting directions from his buddy that lives in town who tells him that he just missed his left hand turn, makes a left hand turn right in front of the car that’s in front of me. He locks up his brakes, doesn’t have his ABS. I hit the trunk. I’m right over the top. I didn’t hit the car, but my bike did, and I flew clean. Going through an experience like that, having made all these movies where there are car crashes, but they’re choreographed and everything’s contained, is it a surreal experience to have that comparison of knowing you’ve been in a real accident versus all these celluloid crashes? It happens a lot faster.''