You're not wearing beer goggles. It's true that a judge has ruled it legal for beer to be airlifted and dropped at your door, er, sort of. Well, Judge Patrick Geraghty of the National Transportation Safety Board ruled that it wasn't illegal for Raphael Pirker to fly a drone carrying a six-pack for a promotional video he shot in 2011.

According to Slate, the National Transportation Safety Board judge found "there was no enforceable FAA rule" that would be able to hold up against Pirker and overturned the FAA's $10,000 fine against him. The decision from the National Transportation Safety Board stated the government did not have clear authority to ban drones for commercial use because officials did not properly follow rule-making guidelines and current regulations seem not to encompass "small aerial systems."

When can you place your order for a beer delivery to your La-Z-Boy? Jack Supple is president of Lakemaid Beer, a Wisconsin-based brewery that attempted to deliver six-packs via drone to ice fisherman before it was stopped by the FAA, and is working on his next steps. "I didn't realize this decision was going on," Supple told the National Journal. "But I am going to contact my [drone] operator to see if we can do some tests today or tomorrow."