When the Atlanta Braves hosted the opening game of their series with the Dodgers last Thursday, the team gave the honor of throwing out the first pitch to Chipper Jones. The future Hall of Fame third-baseman, who spent his entire 19-year career with Atlanta before retiring last year, kicked up his leg and fired the pitch right to the Braves mascot. Wait, the mascot caught the first pitch? How can that be? Usually a current player catches the first pitch, not a silly mascot.

So why then did Jones, who hit 468 homers for the Braves, have to toss the pitch to Homer the Brave? Well, as we now know, it's because no one on the team wanted to do it. Apparently, Chipper predicted that the Dodgers would win the series, and it did not sit well with the players –many of whom are former teammates of Chipper. But whether they liked his prediction or not, the man was right. The Dodgers knocked off the Braves in four games. (CBS-New York)