I have been a huge Martina McBride fan from the first time I met her in 1995 when she hit with 'Independence Day.'


Here's a picture with Martina that I took when I was a bit younger and lots heavier!


photo credit: Clear Channel promo


Then, a few years later, I had the idea of marrying a couple on my show for Valentine's Day and having Martina come in and sing to the bride and groom after they exchanged vows on the air! It was a crazy idea that I honestly couldn't believe all came together.


Not only did Martina sing 'Valentine' with a few band members playing acoustic instruments but she also did 'This One's For the Girl's.' Both of these songs I've linked below were recorded BY ME, with nothing more than the dj microphones in the studio and a computer recording her. One take, no redo's, no seperate tracks, no processing, no effects. Just Martina, a keyboard, an accoustic guitar and a couple of back up vocalists.


I still get goosebumps hearing this and will never forget Martina's kindness and her amazing talent.


Martina, You are a shining example of what makes Country Music all that it is! Thank you for everything you've done over the years.


Much success to you and John with Blackbird Studio!


AND- Happy Birthday. Here's to 47 more!



Michael J


Here are the two files from Martina's visit with me!