When you have 10 minutes, watch this and I bet you will will never forget Fred and Lorraine!

So Sweet.

It will remind you to appreciate every moment.


Here's the backstory.

Green Shoe Recording Studio in Illinois advertised an online song writing contest.

One day, a large envelope showed up in the snail mail. They never imagined that they would receive  a song entry from a 96 year old man named Fred. 

Fred was married to the love of his life Lorraine for 75 years. Sadly, she just died and Fred is still hurting. After hearing about the contest,  he wrote  a song he calls 'Sweet Lorraine'. To help to heal during his mourning, he mailed it in. 

Green Shoe was so touched by the lyrics that they had the song produced and recorded and gave it to Fred as a gift. Very Sweet story.