Here's the note and pictures from Loyal Listener Betty!

Hi Michael,

It was great to chat with you about haunted houses.
Here's a link about Paxton Manor from a Washington Post article 3 years ago.  My Friend Sherry is also mentioned.  (Sherry is a psychic ...
and she was there with us at the Manor.)


My paranormal investigative group is NoVA-SPIs
 (Northern Virginia Spirits and Paranormal Investigators).  We were
interviewed by Holly Morris of FOX 5 news that same week.  We've conducted
investigations at Paxton several times.


I'm attaching 2 photos.  Both were taken upstairs,
heading down to the first floor.  I had my camera and decided to snap a shot at the top of the stairs looking down to the front door.  I suddenly
got dizzy and shook the camera as I snapped the shot.  You will be able to see my reflection in a glass pane across the stairs.  I stood still, got
my balance and quickly snapped a second shot because I knew the first one would be blurry from shaking the camera.

 So the first shot is truly blurry. 

The second shot, which was literally taken seconds after the first has a white mist type of stuff directly in front of me. You can see it!   

 Enjoy and if you get the opportunity, do go by Paxton Manor.

Picture Number 1 looking down the stairs of the Haunted Paxton Manor. Betty was suddenly attacked by the spirit.

 photo from Loyal Listener Betty Holland


NOW Picture Number 2 shot seconds later, according to Betty.


photo from Loyal Listener Betty Holland