With Mother's Day coming up on Sunday, I was thinking about the years that have flown by too fast and the silly little pottery bowls I'd make for my mom as a kid and the ugly candle I once gave her for Christmas that she went on and on about even though it was so ugly I can still remember it to this day!

As a parent now myself, I now really understand that the most meaningful gifts a parent gets are ones from the heart, not the most expensive, just the most thoughtful.

So this weekend, I become Chef Michel J. I've been remodeling our kitchen for the past 6 months. It's not 100% completed but it's at least ready for me to get cooking this weekend. The rest is explained here.

 Michael j's crew. My Mom Jay all the way on the left along with my wife Cheryl are two of the Moms I'll be celebrating this weekend. I hope you have the chance to honor yours too.

Click here to see the menu I'm working on.