When former military member David Herron's daughter, Mariah, couldn't find the ideal dress to wear to prom, he decided to do whatever it took to make her happy. That included the decision to make her dress completely from scratch! She was trying to find an affordable dress and when nothing could be found, she turned to dad to help out.

"I jokingly asked my dad if he could make me a prom dress," Mariah told their local newspaper - the Marshfield (WI) News-Herald. She added that, "When he said yes, I was surprised."

David relied on his military skills where he had learned how to sew his stripes and hem his own uniforms. He turned their family living room into his sewing shop. When all was said and done, he had made a strapless, black satin gown made from Snow White Camouflage fabric (that Mariah wanted) with a white underlayer and covered with black tulle.

Here is a photo of the dress...