Here is the"Missed Connection" we talked about this morning.  Do you think this is meant for ONE particular person or 4 different women?


You were at that place... - m4w - 36

I saw you pumping gas on the Alcan in 1997 when
I was coming back from college. There was a spring snow and it caught the
moonlight as it landed on your braids. It would have been so easy to just say
something silly to break the ice. You looked like a snow angel. I should have
told you that, maybe. I'll bet cheesier lines have worked. Instead I bought
some Mountain Dew and vinegar flavored potato chips and drove toward the

I talked to you in London in 2001. You walked right up to me and asked
directions to Trafalgar Square. I was kinda lost, too. You were flustered and
frumpy and cute like a young librarian on holiday. We could have discovered
Europe together. Instead I pointed you vaguely toward the river and walked off
toward Picadilly Circus, where a Jamaican sold me some oregano.

You sold me a shot glass in Lake Tahoe in 2004. I drove up from Reno just for
the hell of it and wanted a souvenir. You had big glasses and one of those
bangs hairdos right before they got cool. It was girls trying to look like
girls like you who made that haircut cool again. We were the only ones in the
crappy little gift shop. You asked where I was from and I said Alaska and you
said that was cool and I said yeah I like it and then you gave me my change and
I said thanks and I walked out.

We were in the lift line together at Alyeska last winter. You almost fell and I
had to catch you. You giggled an embarrassed little apology and I said it was
no problem and smiled at you. I didn't say anything as we shuffled up together,
and you ended up hopping on a different chair. I skied the rest of the day
alone and kept hoping we'd run into each other, but I should have known better.
You never give me a second chance.