In the Feels: Doritos Offers 13 Year Old $20,000 For Unique Find

Last month, 13-year-old Rylee Stuart of Queensland, Australia, found a rare “puffy” chip in her bag of Doritos. This chip was bloated across all three of its points.

Rylee shared a video of the chip on social media -- and people responded in a big way. The video ended up getting seen millions of times.

Rylee then put the chip up for sale on eBay. And, again, people responded in a big way, offering thousands of dollars for the thing.

The story got so much attention that some marketing people at Doritos heard about this famous chip -- and offered Rylee $20,000 for it.

That’s a nice payday for just finding a random chip in a bag of snacks -- and having the discipline not to eat it.

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