GOOD VIBES | Educator Leaves Her Career to Serve Veterans

Christy Lucas spent 17 years as an educator in Hanover, Pennsylvania -- and felt called to leave her career to start a charity to serve veterans full-time.

Christy saw that some veterans in her community were struggling, which didn’t sit well with her, considering these brave people had served our country.

So, she launched a charity called Roots for Boots.

Among other activities, Roots for Boots organizes a monthly food drive. In the beginning, it served eight veterans in need. But since then, it has grown to serve nearly 90 veterans, with the help of dozens of volunteers.

Christy calls Roots for Boots “more than just a food bank,” pointing out that it “restores hope.”

Veterans appreciate the effort not just because the food, but also because it connects the community of veterans in a positive way, making sure nobody feels forgotten.

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