Let's Talk About It | VACCINES

Let's talk about: Vaccines!

There is a lot of division when it comes to vaccines in our community so Malie sat down with Dr. Donna Galbreath from Alaska Southcentral Foundation, an Alaska Native entity that co-manages the Alaska Native Medical Center and runs a diverse range of clinics in/around greater Anchorage and in areas to the south. We hope to clear up confusion/false facts as part of the Department of Health and Human Services COVID-19 public education campaign – a campaign to increase vaccine confidence while reinforcing basic prevention measures.

We compiled a list of straightforward questions about the COVID-19 vaccines to help people better understand how they work and why they're essential to ending the pandemic. Hear what Dr. Galbreath has to say below!

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To learn more about Dr. Galbreath and the work she is doing at Southcentral Foundation, click here > https://www.southcentralfoundation.com/employment/physician-opportunities/physician-bios/.

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