Place and date of birth
October 18, 1968....In Glasgow Montana (believe it or not I never saw any sheep when I lived there).
How long have you lived in Alaska?
Man… um my parents moved us up here in 1979

Spouse? Name?

How'd you meet your significant other?

Kids? Ages?

What do you drive?
Dodge Neon.

Biggest pet peeve?
People who try to use a check at the U Scan.

Strangest gift you ever received?
A pair of underpants that had a picture of a genie’s lamp on it. It said…well, you know how to get your wish.

What posters were on your wall as a kid?
No posters. Honest!

Ever have any nicknames?
I’ve been called many things, but none I would consider a nickname.

Favorite tv show?
I still laugh out loud at Seinfeld.

Most unusual job you ever had?
"All skate. Everybody skate".

Favorite movie line?
"Where’s your other hand? Between two pillows. Those aren’t pillows!" -Planes, Trains and Automobiles
What would you be if you were not a radio disc jockey?

Do you have any musical guilty pleasures? (closet Michael Jackson fan, etc.)
Zamphir.  Master of the Pan Flute!

Finish the sentence: I can't make it through the day without...
A Shower!

Your idea of perfect happiness:
Sitting in my float tube reeling in a 25+ inch rainbow.

KASH COUNTRY song that speaks to you:
Dierks Bentley "What Was I Thinkin’" because we’ve all done stupid things and we don’t know why.