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Will BTS Be Exempted From the Military: Decision To Be Made by the End of April?

A decision on whether BTS will be exempt from mandatory military service is pending.

A review and decision is being sped up in their case.

As for what BTS wants?-They have left the decision up their record company.

A decision is expected at the end of April.

If they do have to serve do you think they should stagger their service out so they are not all gone at once or should they they all do it at once and get it over with?

Company Replaces Wallets With Implantable Microchips

If you have a hard time keeping track of your wallet, a European company might have the answer for you.

Walletmor is selling an implantable microchip that keeps track of its user's financial information. The chip, which is about the size of a grain of rice, can be implanted in the user's hand, which can then be swiped over a card reader to make a payment, according to the company.

The good news is the tiny implant is selling for just $300. The bad news is it's only available for residents of the U.K., Switzerland and other European countries, Walletmor officials say.

Entry Into National Parks Free This Saturday

This Saturday, Americans can visit any national park in the country free of charge.

The entrance fees have been waived in celebration of National Park Week in an effort to "give people a chance to enjoy some fresh air," according to the National Park Foundation.

If you've already made plans for Saturday, don't worry -- entry fees will also be waived on August 4th, September 24th and November 11th in commemoration of other events, the foundation reveals.

Disney Announces Vinyl Reissue of Daft Punk's Iconic "TRON: Legacy" Soundtrack

Disney is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the original TRON film with a re-issue of the 1982 soundtrack.

Disney will also repress Daft Punk’s iconic TRON: Legacy score and a subsequent remix album, 2011's TRON: Legacy Reconfigured.

The album features a rework of Daft Punk’s music by Avicii, M83, Boys Noize, and The Glitch Mob, among others. TRON: Legacy is the only movie Daft Punk has ever scored.

The album features an 85-piece orchestra and took over two years to create. It debuted on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Albums chart. The new pressings will be available on May 27th by Universal Music Group through Walt Disney Records.

Jordin Sparks & Tori Kelly To Guest Star On Special Musical Episode of 'Rugrats'

Jordin Sparks and Tori Kelly are set to star in a new musical “Rugrats” special.

Sparks will voice “Tabitha” a high-fashion doll and rising pop star desperate for fame, while Tori voices Cynthia, Angelica’s beloved doll who is an international-pop-star-sensation-veterinarian-astronaut (among many other occupations).

The episode will feature three original songs from Sparks and Kelly, “Cynthia is Everywhere” by Tori, “New Star in the Sky” by Jordin, and “Friendship Sold Separately” by both singers.

The reboot will air on Paramount+ with ten new episodes that will premiere on Friday, April 15th.

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