15 Activities to Help Clear Your Mind After Work

The last thing you want to do after work is think about work, right? You've probably even heard or been told the phrase "leave it at the door" whether in regards to leaving your personal stuff out of the workplace or vice versa. Sometimes, however, this can be much easier said than done!

Here are 15 mind-clearing ways to give your brain a well-deserved reset:

1)Take a bubble bath

2) Meditate

3) Go Geocaching

4) Volunteer

5) Ride your bike

6) Try a new hobby

7) Yoga

8) Journaling

9) Do a DIY project

10) Organize your space

11) Exercise

12) Get out in nature

13) Visit an art museum or gallery

14) Engage in photography

15) Visit friends and loved ones

Implementing one or some of these re-centering activities can do wonders to reduce stress and fear connected with work. Do you see yourself doing any of these activities for stress relief? How do you clear your mind after work?

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