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You've GOT To see this Dad get the results of his Bar Exam

This is such a great story and has to make you smile when you hear the back story on this video

 Mathew posted on Instagram along with a video of the moment he logged on to check the results from his Maryland Bar Exam test.

"I am pleased to announce that, on my first attempt, I have PASSED THE MARYLAND BAR EXAM with a score high enough to practice in any Uniform Bar Exam jurisdiction in the Country! (309!!!)

I thank God for my testimony. I graduated from law school in December 2022, one semester early from my scheduled graduation date of May 2023. By doing so, I had to prepare for the February Bar Exam rather than the July Bar which is typically taken after graduating from law school on the normal schedule. 9 weeks of studying, 500 hours, 14 subjects of law to learn, 8 essays on day 1 of the exam, 200 Multiple choice questions on day 2. 40% February Bar Exam Pass Rate. All of this, staring me in the face. I was fighting to keep it together both mentally and physically.

God did something interesting though. On February 21, 2023, I walked into the examination room. It was a familiar space. Out of the hundreds of conference rooms, ballrooms and event spaces in Maryland, I took the Bar Exam under the same chandelier, in the same ballroom, that my wife and I said “I do” under on May 29, 2021. At this moment, I realized that God was showing me that I was not alone. My family was there with me. It gave me confidence and belief. I knew at that time that I had the strength to push through.

To my wife and daughter, I love you. You were my motivation and strength during this process. I promise that I will do my best to continue to lead our family. To family and friends, thank you for the continued love and support. This is just the beginning. I will continue to strive for greatness.


Matthew Kobby Graham, ESQUIRE"

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