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Kenny Chesney releases BORN on the Michael J Pod

Treating PROSTATE CANCER with Dr. Phouc Tran From the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the MD Proton Treatment Center

I have a ton of respect and appreciation for the MD Proton Treatment Centers as they offer patients another choice for treatment AND expert second opinions for all types of cancer. On this episode of The Michael J Pod-Cast, we meet Phuoc T. Tran, MD, PhDVice Chair of Research, Professor of Radiation Oncology, University of Maryland School of Medicine.

We'll talk about Prostate Cancer and what you need to know if you've been diagnosed or are even related to someone who has been diagnosed with this very common male cancer.

We talk about
  • Treatment of prostate cancer.
  • Proton therapy and the benefits that it offers along with other options.
  • Recommendations for screening for this disease.
  • After diagnosis of prostate cancer how to find out if proton therapy is right you.
MD Proton Treatment Centers are available at https://mdproton.com/ 410.983.3793

A Las Cruces, New Mexico policeman becomes a COUNTRY STAR. Meet Frank Ray

As a kid, Francisco Gomez grew up in Deming, New Mexico. His parents divorced when he was a young boy and he lived with his mother in Laredo and San Antonio, Texas. He then moved to Columbus, New Mexico with his father. It was through his moving that he began listening to not only country music, but also ranchera music. As he is of Hispanic descent, he thought that he would "stand out" as a country musician, citing other Hispanic artists such as Freddy Fender as inspiration.

Before he became Frank Ray, the Country singer, he spent ten years on the Police force in Las Cruces, New Mexico and to this day, he continues to 'BackThe Blue' and support mental health within the First Responder and Law Enforcement community with his organization, FRAY.

Great conversation with Frank Ray who's being honored at the National Law Enforcement Museum in Washington, DC!

Jason Aldean DROPS his new Highway Desperado album

Jason Aldaen's 11th studio album, 'Highway Desperado' drops 11/03/23 and he's on the MIchael J POd to tell us all about it!

Mitchell Tenpenny reveals his BIG Tour plans for 2024

Mitchell Tenpenny has defied the odds of being FROM Nashville, yet still becoming a Country Star. For whatever reason, although Nashville is the HOME of Country music, most all of the artists that have found big success there, were born somewhere else.

Mitchell, a borned songwriter, got an early introduction to the industry from his grandmother who worked for a Country music publishing company. She may have opened some doors for Mitchell but, clearly, he's the one who's knocked them down!

Great to catch up with this rising star for this episode of the Michael J Pod!

PROTON THERAPY for Breast Cancer. What YOU need to know from Dr Elizabeth Nichols with the Maryland Proton Treatment Center

Quite possibly the most important episode of the Michael J Pod ever.

Certainly if you've just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Dr.Elizabeth Nichols, Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology, Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs, University of Maryland School of Medicine joins me to reveal why PROTON THERAPY could be the BEST treatment plan to treat your cancer.

We learn so much about cancer from the Dr. Nichols and not just breast cancer. The Maryland Proton Treatment Center can offer you a BETTER WAY to cure almost any type of cancer. Here's what we talk about on this episode.

Time Mark Topics Discussed

2:00 What is Proton Radiation and how is it different from Traditional Radiation?

4:00 How does Proton Therapy Work?

5:30 How does Traditional Radiation differ from the Proton sessions?

7:50 Breast Cancer in MEN? How is it different from Female Breast Cancer?

9:00 Dr. Nichols does Traditional radiation as well

10:14 Why would a patient still want Traditional Radiation?

11:47 You've been diagnosed, now HOW do you handle your Dr and being reviewed by The Maryland Proton Treatment Center

15:00 Does Insurance approve of Proton Therapy and The Maryland Proton Treatment Center?

17:00 Health inequity with Breast Cancer is rampant. Proton Therapy the answer for everyone?

23:40 Genetic testing for Cancer

26:40 What cancer reacts best with Proton Therapy?

29:00 AskforProtons.com is where to start but how much does it Cost?

31:00 Alternative options for Cancer treatment, Mistletoe, Supplement, Accupucture?

34:00 Is radiation dangerous for family members?

35:00 It there situations where Traditional Radiation is still more appropriate?

37:00 We have to wait until cancer grows before we can tell if it's there?

39:00 Will Artificial Technolgy A.I. ever help with the fight against Cancer?

41:46 Proton Therapy is a great treatment to consider

Reach out to AskforProtons.com that's AskforProtons.com

David Litwack Executive Director Save A Childs Heart in Israel

This episode of the Michael J Podcast is a first, First Rabbi, First time I've head of Save A Childs Heart and First time I 've gotten a knowledgeable spokesman on the current war between Israel and Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organization. This podcast is about something we call all hopefully agree on, saving a child dealing with heart issues could make a world a better place one day! Ok so we did talk about politics too. Pray for peace. Michael J

Riley Green's earliest memories of Country music came from his Grandpop on the Michael J Podcast

Riley Green is a rising star in Country music who's already gotten the chance to write and record with the top of the Country music pyramid from Thomas Rhett to Luke Combs. Now, Riley is dropping a new album and proving again, he is here to stay! Great music and a really funny guy too!as evidenced in his new underwear ad!

Brothers Osborne take all the stigmas on with GREAT Country music and TJ Osborne shares an update with me!

I've been a vocal supporter of Brothers Osborne from their very early days playing local gigs all over Maryland. They've helped put what's known as the DMV (DC, MAryland and Virginia) on the Country music map along with other homegrown talents like Jackson Dean and LoCash. They've developed a passionate fan base built on driving rhythms, TJ's baritone vocals and personal stories revealing more and more about who they are and their unique perception of life, relationships, struggle, love and sometimes just hell-raising fun!

With their self-titled fourth album, Brothers Osborne, they give us a look into John,, now a dad of twins and TJ, who has found some new realities in life after achieving career goals from Grammy Awards to chart success. What's it all mean and what does it all feel like?

Let's find out with T.J. Osborne! - @MIchaelJonAir

DUSTIN LYNCH can't stop calling me Michael J Foxx after all these years! (2)

I've been a HUGE Dustin Lynch fan since he released his first hit "Cowboys and Angels" so, very happy to tell you his new project is out and he's here to tell us about it! Dustin Lynch!