Wayne and Tay

Wayne and Tay

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Sam Hunt Gets, "Locked Up!"

Meet Your New Favorite Artist, Zach Top

Zach Top is a new arist, be BUT your favorite artist already has him in their playlist.  Zach gained a ton of attention through streaming and social mdia & now iwht a powerful record label behind him, the release of his first album, is about to catch serious fire!

Tyler Hubbard Has A New Side Hustle, New Music Too

Kenny Chesney Couldn't Get Out Of His Head

Kenny has done so much in his career and, believe it or not, he still needs to get out of his own way sometimes.  He shares in depth details on his new album and what his hang ups were in getting, "Born" all set for fans to hear.

Kane Brown Spills BIG Collab News

Kane Brown just came off of another career #1 song, so what's next.  He's got big tour plans but when it comes to the music, he says this next album wi be, "next level!"

Did Someone Try to Silence Hardy?

Hardy recenlty played the MASSIVE Houston Rodeo and you'll never believe what they asked him to do.  Plus, is Hardy about to be Nashville's next bar owner?

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How Did Keith Urban Bounce Back After Losing Confidence?

Keith Urban has some new music and even more coming but aboutt a year ago, he wasn't sure we'd ever hear it. Keith shares details on how shook he was about the future of his career after sharing a album with his team. He played tem an entire album and ended up tosssing most of it out.

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Dierks Bentley Pays Tribute To Musical Icon

Dierks Bentley has an awesome new song off an upcoming Tom Petty tribute project. He covered the classic, "American Girl" & we gave it to you as a WORLD PREMIERE! Dierks was excited for this project fo rmany reasons, he shares that and why 2024 might be the best year of touring yet.

Cody Johnson Spills Deluxe Details

Cody Johnson's career is hotter than ever, thanks to his latest album, Leather! Cody caught us up on the biggest show of his career and he may have even spilled details on new music we wern't suppose to hear yet!

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Wayne D & Tay - Feb 12 2024